Philly Improv Theater is excited and honored to welcome the following performers to the Black Friday Comedy Marathon 2015!

Friday, November 27, 2015

It’s The New
Bill Parks
Teacher’s Lounge
Necrosexual and Friends Apocalypse
Sad Trombone
Ryan Shaner
Big Baby
Hannah Trav
Clown Cabaret
Office Hours
Mikey Gleason
Matt Schmid
Bino Brogden
Steve Swan
Cassandra Dee
Darryl Charles
My First Sketch
Chris and Andrew have a Time Machine
Noah Houlihan
Good Wheel Hunting
Tommy Touhill
Adventure Friends
Mike Celona
House of Solitude
Trevor Miles
People of Interest – Debate
Eddie Finn
The Incredible Shrinking Matt & Jacquie
Tim Raymus
Mike Logan
Matt Tsang
Brian Finnell
Your Mom
Proper Dodgy
Lady Bits

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Charlie Harley Christmas
The M&C Show 15 minutes
Outside Voices Drinking Game
The Sardines
Matt’s Sketch 101 Class Improv Show
A Proper Dodgy Makeover
Barbara Bush Needs To Improve Their SEO
Neighborhood Watch Presents Nacho Show
Mother: An Ode To Facebook Zombies
Why NYC is Better Than Philly
Beth and Ralph’s Porn Stash
Will They Kiss?
Locked in Julia’s Basement
Den Mother Slacks Off
The Camping Trip
A Meeting of The New World Order
Fred Lead’s French Breads
Fucking Christmas Is Here!
The Last Laugh (Exquisite Corpse Show)
The Doo
. . . but with Robocop
Statler & Waldorf ‘Prov
Am I Psychic?
What’s My Jam
Chicken Burlesque
Genechard Simmons Workout
Deep Cuts Drives You Crazy (Oh! Oh!)
Trees! – The Musical : The Revue; The Play – The Show LIVE performed by Mary D. Lang Elementary School
Where the Warm Jackolope Ghosts Are
Neighborhood Watch: Let There Be Light
Time Bandits
The Burgundy Boys Interpretive Dance
Dirty Divas
Two Early with Rob and Joe
One Act in 24 Hours
Andrea’s Monster
Ari Fishbein
Braized Stakes
Michael Kelly
We Are Nannys
Mike Alloy
Daddy Bulldog
Abeeku Cobbina
Dave Primiano
Phyllis Voren
People Say I’m Sketchy
Royal Baby
Brian Six
Brought To You By
Tech Show or Who will black us out?
Rachel Fogletto
Cecily Alexandria
Blueberry Phil
Venessa Lince
Wussy Riot
Hoagie Fist
Nick Ortolani
Verily, A New Hope
Jake Mattera
Katie McCarthy
Nicole Yates
The N Crowd
Patric Writes Sketches
Michael S. Watkins
Music Show
Chip Chantry
Triple Double
The Future
Mike Sparra of The New Movement presents “Conversations with Body Language”
Barbara Bush
Hoffman, Lights Out