Consider the Propster takes place at #BFCM2014 on Saturday, Nov. 29th at 3:30am

Finally, a game show devoted to self-congratulatory navel-gazing!

Host Sean Landis asks a panel of Philadelphia comedians to examine specific comments left in their own Philly Comedy Network Facebook group “props” thread. Segments include, “Who Said It?,” “Fill in the Adjective,” “Which Got More Likes?,” and “Defending Your Prop.”  And maybe, just maybe, there will be competing David Foster Wallace impersonations.


Performing in Consider The Propster at #BFCM2014 – Rob Alesiani, Ronnie Brewington, Fred Brown, Alex Gross, Tom Hannigan, Chris McGrail, Joe Moore, Brian Rumble, Adam Siry, and Joe Tuzzi

Twitter- @seanlandis