Chip Chantry’s All-Request Rock Block takes place at #BFCM2014 on Friday, Nov. 28th at 9:45pm

You’ve seen Chip Chantry perform stand-up comedy in comedy clubs and theaters across this glorious country of ours. But here’s the thing-He’s always talked about whatever HE wants to talk about.

For one date only, Chip will talk about what YOU, the audience wants to talk about. Potential audience members can email, facebook or tweet Chip topic ideas (@ChipChantry), and he will write jokes on YOUR topics. It’s tailored right to you? Do you want jokes about apples? Mustangs? Lithuania? Chip will write a bit about it for you, and perform it on this one-time only show.

Email Chip joke topic ideas at

Chip Rock Block

What are you waiting for?  GO!