Charlie Harley’s Acting Seminar takes place at #BFCM2014 on Saturday, Nov. 29th at 3:15am

Acclaimed actor and teacher of the Theatrical Arts, Charlie Harley seeks to spread his knowledge of Actcing [sic] and Theetre [sic] to the fine city of Philadelphia using revolutionary Microsoft Powerpoint Technology. His seminars include quick tips and helpful knowledge like “What’s Theetre?”[sic] and “How to Good Nail the Actcing Auddition.”[sic]

A fun night of oddities and abominations to the English Language, Charlie Harley has something for most people.

Charlie Harley

Charlie Harley is a self-proclaimed actor and theatrical educator.  He is also a character and is portrayed by Jack O’Keeffe.  Charlie Harley was created for Clarion University’s popular monthly variety show “Guerilla Theatre“, and quickly became a monthly staple, bringing his unique energy and misunderstanding of the English Language to students.

Twitter – @MachinaExDeus