Reasonable Discourse with Jerks takes place at #BFCM2014 on Friday, Nov. 28th at 5:15pm

Jim Grammond is bringing his popular panel-comedy show, “Reasonable Discourse with Jerks” back for one night only as part of Philly Improv Theater’s (PHIT) Black Friday Comedy Marathon. Again, that’s one night only! Probably.

What do comedians talk about when they’re hanging out? You can find the answer at Reasonable Discourse with Jerks, a monthly comedy panel show featuring Philly’s funniest comics and interesting personalities. Host Jim Grammond leads the panel in a discussion of world events, pop culture, and oddities in the news.

Reasonable Discourse With Jerks

With special guests: JP Boudwin, Luke Field, Patrick Foy, Aaron Hertzog, Blake Wexler, and Alison Zeidman.  Hosted by Jim Grammond.

Twitter – @jgrammond