Rachel Fogletto (@RachelFogletto) performs at #BFCM2014 on Saturday, Nov. 29th at 11:15am

Rachel Fogletto is a stand-up comedian local to Philadelphia who is known for her raw and unapologetic material that dips into everything from unnerving sexual encounters to the brazenly confronting the absurdity of controversial issues (like rape culture or abortion) with her unique style of dry-dark humor. Rachel has performed in the Boston Comedy Arts Festival 2013 and the Women in Comedy Festival in May 2014.
Rachel is currently the host of monthly comedy showcase Comedy-Gasm! Comedy by the Unashamed, for the Unashamed, co-host of a monthly all female comedy showcase at Ray’s Happy Birthday bar, and co-host of podcast Wait, Wut?
Rachel Fogletto
To keep up with Rachel, check for appearances at her website and twitter – @RachelFogletto.