The Longest Comedy Show of the Year Returns November 25th! Submit Your Acts Now!

By now if you haven’t heard of the Black Friday Comedy Marathon then you aren’t seeing enough local comedy. Don’t worry – we’ll help you through this and explain everything…

For our third year PHIT Comedy is once again hosting the longest comedy show in Philly history – this year expanded to 40 hours! – a comedy marathon on starting on Black Friday (November 25th) as the doorbuster sales end and continuing without interruption through the early morning hours of Sunday, November 27th. We’ve done this twice before and nobody has died. It’s been a blast. Essentially, we throw a huge party, invite everyone, and everyone comes.

Philly has seen the Black Friday Comedy Marathon before, but they haven’t seen any of the crazy ideas the comedy community is dreaming up for them this time. To add to the drama we’ll be bringing our favorite foolhardy team of hosts – Hey We’re Cool – back for the entire event. This means that for a third year the brave men and women of HWC will be up for the entire day, night and day as their bodies slowly fall apart and their jokes veer increasingly into the surreal.

Throughout the festivities there will be stand-up, improv, sketch, storytelling and variety comedy. There will be top-notch local talent, visitors from out of town, and bizzarre niche comedy in the middle of the night for the insomniacs among us. And it will once again be an all-you-can-binge for $10 affair, which will get you a sweet, sweet wristband good for admission at any time throughout the marathon (as long as we’ve got room to pack you in).

But that’s not all, because no Black Friday event would be complete without some kind of outrageous deal that we couldn’t possibly hope to make money on… and no Thanksgiving weekend could be complete without lending a helping hand. So PHIT Comedy again will be helping local small businesses by asking you to support them for free admission to our marathon. It’s simple, visit any local small business in Center City and buy something for $10 or more during the week before Thanksgiving (starting Monday, November 21st, 2016), during Black Friday or on Small Business Saturday. When you pay for your purchase make sure you hold onto your receipt. Then show the receipt to our box office at any point during the 40 hours of the marathon and we’ll make a note of the business and how much you spent, then give you a wristband pass for FREE. It’s our way of helping local business, letting you laugh for free, and giving our acts the largest, happiest, rowdiest crowd they’ve ever seen. Make sure you circle the dates on your calendar now.

But why are you still reading this? If you’re a comedian in the city, get busy and start submit your act!

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